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Lost! || Honey and Hermione


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Definitely, absolutely, utterly lost. Mitsukuni had gotten himself lost in England. A new place. A place he couldn’t remember being before. Sure, he’d followed his Father to England before, different tournaments, different training, but he had been so young.

Now, he was lost. With Usa-chan tight against his chest, the blond didn’t panic. He remembered everything that Takashi had ever said about “if/when you get lost, Mitsukuni.” and he took a slow, deep breath, looking at street signs. 

He spoke English, well enough, maybe he should just ask someone. “Excuse me?” He gently tapped a taller woman on the arm, biting his lower lip. “I’m… very lost. Can you help me?”


Hermione was perusing the streets of England. It was a fine day; the sun was shining and the flowers were blooming, making the day seem absolutely lovely. She smiled and strolled down the street. It was a little crowded, but with the day it was, it was expected.

As she continued on, she felt a small tapping on her arm. Hermione looked down to see a small blonde child with a bunny in his arms. Her eyes softened towards him. “Of course sweetie.” She looked around for a moment. “Where is your mother?” Hermione wasn’t great with children. Her hand made its way to her arm, rubbing it nervously.

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The Hattress tinkered with her watch, not that she was any good at fixing watches. At least she didn’t use jam and sugar like her father when he tried to fix the White Rabbit’s watch. 

She loked up when she heard someone walking, “Oh, hello!”


"Hello," Hermione said with a smile towards the girl, who appeared to be messing with some sort of object. When she looked just a little bit closer, she recognised it as a Muggle object. "What are you doing?" she asked the girl.


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It was the slightest shift in her expression, a change that could hardly be registered. But remembering that face as one she worn on occasion herself, Sky saw it. And for a moment, she thought of pursuing. Before she could, though, that pensive look was gone and their roles were quickly and silently switched back. Not wanting to break the balance, she went with it, sighing lightheartedly and nodding.

“I will,” she promised with a small smile, honestly taking her word for it.

Sky didn’t answer right away, honestly surprised that no one had told her. Not expecting the answer, she had to take a deep breath and collect her thoughts, so she didn’t sound like a spastic idiot when speaking.

“Well mostly because it’s true,” she started, grinning just the slightest when she realized how stupid she was sounding. “I mean… It’s not like… everybody just goes out of their way to assure people of their future… Unless…” She laughed. “Unless that’s just me.”

Hermione didn’t know if people knew that if she hadn’t become their friends, everything would be different. If she hadn’t become their friends, could they have survived everything that they had been through: the fires, the championships, the heartbreaks, the wars? But it was never a thought that really pushed through her brain because she couldn’t allow herself to think about things like that. It was in the past, and anything different was all hypothetical.

"Good. Would you like to get a drink or something?" Hermione inquired, her head tilting to the side naturally.

"I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to a person just because I could have stopped one little thing by giving them a boost to their spirits. I mean, I know back when I didn’t know how the war was going to turn out, I would have wanted to be assured, and I certainly don’t think now is any different. Just because the war is over doesn’t mean we are not still people. We love to be loved, and everybody deserves to feel loved."

Girl’s Night || donotcallmeamudblood


It has been one week since Ginny has seen Hermione. They talked about meeting up for a laid back girl’s night and after the week Ginny had, she needed this. The red head brushed her fingers through her fiery hair before knocking on Hermione’s flat.

She brought over a Muggle movie that she knew nothing about. It just had an extremely handsome guy on the front, and that was good enough for Ginny. The witch knocked on Hermione’s door five time to ensure that the other witch has heard her.

Ginny took a step back and waited.

Hermione had just finished scurrying around her little flat trying to get everything ready for when Ginny was supposed to arrive. She had already picked up the food and the wine beforehand and the food was sitting on the stove, reheating while the wine was on the kitchen counter with two wine flutes sitting next to it.

There was a knock on the door sounded throughout the small flat, which warned Hermione that Ginny was at the door. Setting a charm upon the spoon so that it stirred the food on it’s own, the bushy-haired witch went and opened the door with a bright smile upon her face.

"Ginny! Come in, come in."

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Ginny and Hermione


“Yep, he was,” Ginny told her with a nod and took a sip of her drink. “Yes, that would make sense that Lily would know about all that stuff.” She looked down at her plate of food as her friend watched her. It made her slightly uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything. Instead, she just ate some of her pasta. “Merlin forbid something happen to you though, Hermione. Please don’t let it. While I appreciate you wanting me to do that, and me saying I accept, I’m still terrified. I do hope you get married and have children though. I really do.” 

“To be honest, I’m not sure the last time I went shopping…so, yes. This is just as much for me as it is you. I may not be as much of a workaholic as you, but I need this as well,” She told her and then smirked, “I will think about it and It will be on the forefront of my mind with every gentleman we see while we’re out and about. You’ll appreciate this in the long run, I’m sure of it.” 

Ginny chuckled as well, “Right, and if I hadn’t offered food you wouldn’t have trusted me, if that what you’re saying?” She joked with her mate and grinned. “Either way I’m looking forward to it.” 

She nodded slowly as she listened to Hermione and took another gulp of her water, “I reckon I can understand that to a certain extent. While it is nice, I miss the excitement. I know it makes me sound like a horrible person, but I do. I miss the excitement of it all. Though it is loads easier to sleep at night now. It’s unhealthy because you obsess over it. If you didn’t obsess as much I would agree that it might be healthy for you, but as it is? No way.” 

The world of Muggles was great and almost magical, in a sense. They had so many different terms to refer to the world and some of the greatest imaginations. Often, Hermione would retreat to a small Muggle town to do her shopping or to just relax at a small cafe and have a drink. Their customs were different, but they really weren’t all that different from wizards, which she didn’t understand why some people still remained so biased. “Ginny, I think I am safer now than I ever was fighting off Death Eaters and Dementors during the war. Actually, since then I believe I have started to relax a bit about how stiff I am around the world.”

"Great, then it’s a date, then. Shopping. I’m sure our closets and our colleagues will be greatly appreciative of us getting some new clothes," Hermione said with a light laugh, smoothing out the clothes she had on and noticing how bad they were getting to be. "Ginny! I’m serious. I don’t need a guy at the moment to think about as well! I’m already busy with what I have."

Hermione’s mouth opened in protest. “…No. I mean yes.” She let out a light laugh. “I trust you, but I’m saying that I trust you more now that you’re getting me food.” Her eyes twinkled with amusement.

"I didn’t obsess over it when I didn’t have to. For part of the years, I used to, usually when things were starting to get heavier towards the ends of the years, that’s when I would start losing more and more sleep. I think all Harry, Ron, and I did. We knew the stakes were high, but we had to do what we had to do to stop Voldemort. And eventually we did, so I appreciate the being able to rest at night." Hermione sighed with content. "I think that work is excitement enough for me with every new day a new case."

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Oh. Where should I start?


“Oh, um… yeah. She’s… she’s weird,” was all Anthony could say before rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. Then he waved a hand of dismissal. “We shouldn’t be talking about her though. She could be out there getting death threats from her subjects for all I cared.” He shrugged one shoulder and sighed loudly, burying a hand into his hair and ruffling it slightly.

To her invitation, all Anthony could do was snicker. “All right. I’ll try.” He smiled and took her hand, trying to get used to the feeling before sucking in a deep breath. “Yeah. We’re cool.”

"Well I don’t hope that she gets death threats. No one deserves death threats, I don’t care who they are. Yes, she did awful things, but she just needs to learn the hard way that her stories aren’t appreciated." Hermione shook her head and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. Her brows furrowed towards the center of her little face. 

"You’ll try to go to go to a cafe with me? How hard can it be?" Her face reflected amusement until she came to a realisation and it fell. "I don’t smell or something do I?" Her eyes widened, waiting for an answer to the inquiry.



“So basically…” Ron starts as he approached Hermione with an amused grin on his features, “George thought it’d be funny to get back to good old times. I can’t even with my brother right now. He set dung-bombs off in Percy’s room and now the whole house is paying the price.” He rolled his eyes. “Luckily I wasn’t home. Should take about three hours and my mum to strangle him till i can go back.”


Hermione turned towards the Weasley with a surprised look upon her face and paused for a second before a small grin replaced her stern look. “That is awful!” she said, yet her amusement showed through a bit. “How long do you think the dung-bomb smell will last?” her brown eyes went wide as she inquired.


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[Closed RP] Harry and Hermione


Harry sat in the library, struggling to concentrate. He really needed to finish his homework, but it all seemed too difficult. Stupid essays. He thought to himself. How am I suppose to write two parchments?!  It wasn’t much longer until he had dozed off.

  His eyes opened due to someone nudging him. They were saying something, a female voice..Hermione. “Huh? Oh it’s you, Hermione.” He wiped his eyes, before suddenly sitting up. “Hermione! Thank Merlin you’re here. I need help with the essay Snape assigned us. Can you help me, please?” he begged. “I will do anything!”

Hermione rushed off to the library after her latest meeting for S.P.E.W. in which they were talking about making sure that the house elves were paid for their hard labor when they worked. Some people believed that the house elves wouldn’t know what to do with the money, but Hermione assured them that it was nothing compared to how hard they all worked.

When she entered the library, she rolled her brown eyes. Harry was sleeping. Yes, saving the world was tiring, but he could sleep after he did his homework. “Harry! Wake up!” Hermione whisper-shouted in his direction as she nudged him, firmly. “And no. I will not do your assignment for you. You are perfectly capable of doing it yourself,” the girl commented as she sat down across from him, pulling her own books out of her bag.



Astoria nodded, “Don’t worry about offending me. We usually say the same thing about you Gryffindors.” She laughed as the brightest witch of their age continued speaking, “Yes, there were also jokes that said how you were the mother duck of Potter and Weasley. Without you they would have been Crabbe and Goyle without Malfoy.” She smiled, “Applying knowledge is how people become smart in my opinion.”

Hermione let out a laugh. “Well that’s nice to know, though I probably expected as much. I’m sure there were some better rumors made up in the Slytherin house than in the Gryffindor house, though.” A smile crept up on her face as she talked to the younger witch, whom she was growing to like. “Mother duck? Really? I think they could have survived a couple of days without me, but I’m not sure how long. They didn’t even know how to do his own laundry or build a tent!”

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“Yes, I inherited a street with a bunch of shoppes on it. I am basically the overseer. What do you do?”

"That sounds interesting. What kind of shoppes did you inherit? I work for the ministry in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement."

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Lose Your Soul: A Tomione Fanfiction in 14 songs
This is actually supposed to tell a story, so the lyrics are important. I added the most important lines from the songs, but nevertheless I would advice you to pay some attention to the lyrics.
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Lose Your Soul: A Tomione Fanfiction in 14 songs

This is actually supposed to tell a story, so the lyrics are important. I added the most important lines from the songs, but nevertheless I would advice you to pay some attention to the lyrics.

[listen] & tracklisting:

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